Every human being has forms of individualized expressions, influenced by specific cultural contexts. Thus, it is reasonable to assume that people linked to different cultures exhibit different emotional and cognitive responses to the same situation

The technologies of neuroscientific investigation of human behavior can help answering questions that are concerned to the effect of culture on the individual. Cultural differences might influence the forms of expression related, for example, to pain and joy. Globally appreciated composers’ works evoke complex issues about the influence of the environment on more basic or fundamental circuits of the brain function. Furthermore, the evolutionary development raises more elaborated issues about the importance of adaptive physiological mechanisms.

Art, culture, politics and religion gather millions of people in different contexts, influencing decision-making from the simplest - like choosing a soda brand - to the most complex - as the beginning of an international conflict. The contribution of neuroscience involving social issues to human development should be encouraged and disseminated.


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Modular Systems

Brain Support MultModais Ed Multimodal studies expand the possibilities of understanding human behavior.
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Brain Support MultModais Multimodal studies extend the possibilities of understanding human behavior.
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